Petroleum Data Infrastructure

PDI is an ‘infrastructure’ that is built, maintained and managed through enterprise geodatabase along with processes of data extraction, clearing, cleansing, QC, conversion, transformation, loading, usage and display configurations along with customized workflows for cross platform/ G&G applications data flow, reading/ editing, user and network friendly optimization, seamless realization, value addition, updating, up gradation, user protocols, security and backups.



Benefits of PDI

  • One Stop Shop” to access all your structured and unstructured data
  • Provides you “Single Version of Truth (SVOT)”
  • Seamless integration with public data sources
  • One deployment for all devices
  • Organizing data, building information that leads to knowledge
  • Develop and publish analysis-ready maps to support collaboration

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We can help to integrate all your surface and subsurface spatial data into one consolidated view
We propose vendor neutral techniques to integrate all data from G&G and Petroleum Engineering applications with the customized view to fast and efficient data access and analysis.