Our Strengths

The capabilities and composition of our organization perfectly match to the needs of our clients. We increase and enhance our client’s efficiency and capabilities by introducing optimized workflows through utilizing our expertise of data management & interpretation products by major vendors. Our innovative initiatives in unconventional techniques such as neural network, cognitive search, statistical analytics, scripting and automation enables us to solve more complex and bigger problems while utilizing existing technologies as much as possible. (We are not technology sellers)

We help our clients where they need us most. Our success in change management is ensured by uplifting the quality of work and efficiency in delivery of our client’s by utilizing our multi-domain expertise, system integration capabilities and process automation. Our methodology promotes transparency and collaboration between the teams to achieve a perfect ecosystem where every decision is directly supported by the data.

We do not limit ourselves to the conventional way of setting up software designed for one particular workflow rather we setup an information landscape of the whole petroleum exploration by remaining vendor neutral. In this way we successfully establish an enterprise wide knowledge sharing framework to move faster towards common goals instead of introducing another technology, that is again only solving part of the problem.