Geotechnical Services

We are developing cutting-edge capability in data science and expect to file our first patents this year. You already know that providing a single version of the truth to all your structured and unstructured data is important. That integrating proprietary and public data, and making it accessible through multiple devices is valuable. That providing “analysis-ready maps” to your geoscientists and engineers fosters collaborative decision making. And so on. But the road to this data utopia is paved with pitfalls. We have made our share of mistakes and learned from them.

Three important lessons we learned are:

  • Change is Hard: Geoscientists and engineers only accept a change that makes their life easier. This means the solution should be reversed engineered from what they do with applications. We have a deep knowledge of workflows supported by PETREL, DecisionSpace, etc., and how these applications store and manipulate data.  We also understand how these backbone applications interact with auxiliary applications such as Move, Trinity, FrontSim, etc.
  • Speed is Imperative: Management will want to control costs. Fast deployment saves cost. We can reduce time through multi-language scripting to automate processes and data science techniques for data cleanup.
  • Future is Near: Transfer learning is rapidly bringing existing capabilities in neural networks for facial recognition to geoscience interpretation, support vector machines for engineering analysis, and so on. Specific data organization is required to efficiently use these capabilities. We are investing heavily in bringing data science to our industry and clearly understand the data prerequisites.


Data Services

We are expert in petroleum data management and our vendor neutral approach enable us to provide you custom “Data Services” that fits to you your needs. Our focus is to solve the customer’s issues an an optimum way rather then selling the technology.

  • Petroleum Data Infrastructure (PDI)
  • Project and Corporate Data Management
  • Text Mining
  • Site Assessment
  • Data Conditioning
  • Data Migration
  • Advisory services
  • Audit Trail (Application/Data)
Application Consulting

We are experienced professionals, with multi-domain background and expertise in E&P applications with back-office support. Our consultants with cross domain knowledge and experience makes us different in application consulting and services. Our services include:

  • Application support
  • Workflow designing / optimization
Petroleum Geospatial Infrastructure (PGI)

We implement enterprise GIS infrastructure for petroleum companies to improve efficiency and productivity of all functions utilizing data and maps. Our promotes encourages collaboration and accelerate decision making.

  • ArcSDE Server
  • ArcGIS Server
  • Portal for ArcGIS


  • Enterprise GIS Implementation
  • SharePoint portal integration
  • Model building & automation
Machine Learning & Cognitive Computing

We use a multitude of technologies and techniques such as semantic analysis and image recognition to perform fast analysis of, by way of illustration but not limitation, geologic reports, drilling logs and seismic data. This allows our clients to quickly extract information for use in geoscience and engineering projects. This allows enhanced analytical accuracy and comprehensiveness at lower cost.

Software Development, Customization & Testing

Whether you need software development or testing, we help you build, upgrade and test desktop, web and mobile applications to automate business processes with a balance of technological and petroleum expertise.

  • Project management
  • Scripting & automation
  • Application customization & upgradation
  • Offshore Software Development
  • Domain Testing
  • Automation Testing

How can we help you?

Please feel free to contact us, our team will be happy to propose you a customized solution that fits best to your needs.


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