QHSE Policy Statement

Our long-term business success depends on continually improving the quality of our services and products while protecting people and the environment. However, we should not stop there. We operate in an industry that has a strong safety culture. Consequently, our safety awareness and knowledge typically exceeds that of most people in the communities we live and work in. As responsible citizens of the world we have an obligation to improve the safety of others to the degree that is feasible.

This requires the active commitment of all our employees and business partners in QHSE. This commitment must be led by our shareholders and managers. We are committed to:

  • Meet or exceed customer requirements
  • Communicate openly with clients, our people and business partners
  • Avoid major safety incidents
  • Minimize our environmental footprint

An effective and executable QHSE program must be fit for purpose. We principally operate in an office based environment; the scope of our policies and plans recognize this and represent our basic obligation to comply with PBQ Oilfield Services standards